Tuputupu Kids

We are proudly a New Zealand treasure!

The indigenous Māori culture of New Zealand uses the phrase “Tuputupu“, which means “to grow and develop“.

Our goal is to grow and develop young children by providing movement related learning experiences that will contribute to developmental achievement, a solid foundation for learning and ultimately, a successful school transition.

Proudly Kiwi

Weird and Wacky?!

Yes, we are! We are unique and bursting with fantastic movement opportunities that are:

  • different
  • super fun
  • holistic (uses the whole body)
  • challenging
  • practical
  • affordable
  • focused on all areas of development
  • designed to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and creativity

How are we different?

As caregivers and educators, we want to provide our children with movement experiences that are not only fun, but that also allow for learning and development to take place. So, what do we do? We hop online and we find interesting activities for them to engage in.


  • Are we ensuring that all the essential areas of learning and development are given the opportunity to blossom?
  • Do we know what these areas of early learning and development are?
  • Do we know the purpose of the activity?
  • Do we know what learning or development is taking place?
  • Do we know how to extend on this learning?
  • Do we know what strengths to look out for during the activity?
  • Do we know what difficulties could be displayed during the activity?
  • If a child is showing difficulties in an area, what can we do at home or in our learning settings to help improve them?
  • Is the activity challenging my child?
  • Is the activity allowing my child to express his/her individuality?
Kids foot painting

Tuputupu Kids DOES NOT just provide movement activities for young children.

We provide professionally and skillfully designed programmes that ensure that holistic learning takes place. The activities and resources that accompany our programmes focus on all the essential areas of motor development, as well as on assessment and early intervention.

Our programmes centre around getting to know children and cherishing their strengths and difficulties to ensure that they flourish according to what they are capable of and receive the support and opportunities that they need in order to do so.

We also celebrate our strong focus on out-of-the-box thinking, creativity and individualism.

We know our stuff!

Our knowledge and philosophy are based on and around:

  • the importance of holistic learning
  • research and theories
  • current educational trends
  • years of experience in many different educational contexts
  • quality and specialised tertiary education
  • the importance of assessment
  • the importance of early intervention
  • an absolute love and passion for early learning and development