The Creator

Emma Hurrell

The creator of Tuputupu Kids, Emma Hurrell, has worked alongside children and families in an array of educational contexts. By combining skills gained from the completion of a number of qualifications, including Masters in Educational Psychology, as well as experience in the field, Emma has become a specialist in early learning and development.

Emma’s qualifications and wide-spread experience in the field of education is commendable, but it is her passion and dedication to the field that deserves recognition.

The Tuputupu Kids’ philosophy focuses on the use of the natural environment and resources to develop and extend the learning and development of the young child. The approach circles around children learning and developing using their whole body and all of their senses (holistic learning), and the natural environment provides unpolished learning experiences and opportunities, encouraging ‘out of the box’ thinking and exploration.

Emma also has a goal of educating caregivers and teachers about the essential areas of learning in early childhood and how they all work together to create a solid foundation for further learning.

Early identification of learning, development and behavioural concerns, as well as early intervention is another key focus of Emma’s work. Early intervention does not always require professional help and, therefore, she aims to show caregivers and educators how they can be of value.


Emma has completed the following qualifications:

  • Masters in Educational Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma in Education
  • Advanced Certificate in Play Therapy
  • Certificate IV in Child Fitness and Development


Emma has worked in the following fields:

  • Early Childhood Centres
  • Montessori
  • Special Needs
  • Home-based Education
  • Childcare Services
  • Social Work Services
  • Youth Development Programmes for Street Children and Orphans
  • Literacy & Numeracy Programme Development for Low Decile Schools

The Kiwi Gal

Emma was born in South Africa, but moved to New Zealand to finish her Masters in Educational Psychology where she fell in love with her Kiwi prince… marrying him 2 years later.

She still carries the colourful, enriching and multi-cultural influences from her upbringing in South Africa, which she believes inspires her creativity and her use of the environment and natural resources in her approaches to whole body learning and development.

She loves the outdoors and exploring interesting places, so even though she dedicates her life to enhancing early childhood education, she is still just an everyday girl.