Tuputupu Time!

Pupuke Early Learning Centre has loved the Koko Programme, so much so that the teachers and children refer to it as  Tuputupu Time! 

What do the teachers have to say about the programme?

Programme Usage and Access:
“Very clear, easy to use. Very well organised.”
“Great guidance shown through the use of videos on the website.”
“It has been great fun, very enjoyable.”
“I like having some guidance and ideas for physical activities.”
“It is great having help with the planning and knowing that so many skills and all parts of the body are being included.”
“Excellent idea of repeating difficult exercises throughout the programme so that children can challenge themselves again and reinforce their skills.”

“I have noticed increased confidence in the children’s use and control of their bodies”
“The children challenged themselves physically.”
“All children are included and receive the benefits of developing new skills and using different parts of their bodies”
“All children have the opportunity to work on their loco and non-loco motor skills with varying degrees of challenges.”
“Some children are reluctant at first to participate, but once they get started they really get into it and have so much fun. It is great to see their progress.”

“All children become involved and engaged at a level that is appropriate for them.”
“The teachers provide support to scaffold and include children of differing abilities.
“The children are curious and enthusiastic about the activities; all children are involved.”

Enjoyment Factor:
“The children are very enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoy the programme.”
“The children really enjoyed using lots of different equipment such as pom-poms, ribbons, pillows, streamers, scarves, noodle beams, balloons, towels, ropes, trolleys etc.
“The children enjoy having a different, planned, small group, adult led physical activity.”
“The children enjoy the exercises and are happy to challenge themselves when the exercises are difficult.”
“The children are curious about the equipment and enjnoy using them.”